A Season of Giving Thanks

Nov 30, 2022Blog

This holiday season we spoke to several of our staff members to find out what they’re most thankful for. Read below or watch their videos to learn more about some of our integral team members. 

This Thanksgiving I want to thank all of our staff for their hard work and dedication. These past few years have been really difficult and everyone has pulled through so hard. I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to work with such an incredible team.

Suzanne Caputo

Director of Human Resources

I’m personally thankful for the relationships I’ve been able to build with community partners that care as much as we do, and work so hard to work with us to give people the help that they need.

Alex Pullen

Marketing & Community Liaison

In my over 20 years here at Hudson I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful for our staff – it takes every one of us to do what we do day to day. We have great nurses, doctors and a great psychiatrist. I’m really thankful for this company that they’ve allowed me to work with all of these people and help so many people. It’s really gratifying to see people that have come through here and have changed their life completely. I don’t even recognize them, which is a good thing. I’m very grateful for the Hudson family, because we are a family, and we all work really well together.

Shiela Pullen

Director of Admissions

I am very thankful for getting to work in a place that helped save my life, and I also get to work with people that care about people like me every single day. I am incredibly grateful for that this year.

Alana Martin

Peer Recovery Specialist

For the past twenty years I’ve worked at Hudson Health. This company is able to help the sick and suffering in the community and outside the community. I am a recovering addict, and I am grateful every day for the miracle of being clean. I’m able to give back what was so freely given to me. I am also grateful for my co-workers, who are very compassionate about this line of work, and are able to be there for the patients that need our help.

Sheila Kroon

Addictions Counselor

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Hudson Behavioral Health was formed in 1980 (as Hudson Health Services, Inc.) to bring the first residential recovery program to the Eastern Shore. Today, thousands of patients later, we remain the leader in recovery programs and resources, with our staff of 100 committed to serving each patient as an individual.