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When You’re Ready…We’re Here to Help.

Hudson Behavioral Health was formed in 1980 (as Hudson Health Services, Inc.) to bring the first residential addiction treatment program to the Eastern Shore. Today, thousands of patients later, we remain focused on providing quality care and developing innovative programs to individuals address all of our patient’s needs.

Our program is “evidence-informed,” which means there is real science behind it. As you will read in the testimonials on this site, our patients learn to live drug and alcohol-free, building resiliency while rebuilding their lives.

We believe in you and in your power to recover. And, you can trust in us. We are accredited by the Joint Commission, which means you can trust the quality of care we provide and the safety of our facilities.

Go ahead – plant the seed of recovery. You will be amazed at how you will grow.

our mission

Enrich the mind, body, and spirit by providing evidence-based clinical care and recovery support services.

our vision

Hudson Behavioral Health will be a recognized leader in the provision of quality behavioral health treatment and recovery supportive programs.

Our Values


Program excellence

We believe that all programs we offer must be of the highest quality. All programs are continuously evaluated, and the results guide ongoing program adaptation and innovation.



We are committed to having the peripheral vision to see others when they are struggling and helping them along their journey.



 We seek input from those we serve on how we could do things better. We encourage staff to keep their pulse on community needs and bring their ideas back for program development and adaptation.



Involved and Empowered Employees

Our employees are skilled and passionate about their work. To this end we provide ongoing training and supervision, which allows them the opportunity to grow and succeed.



We provide transparency in matters critical to the organization and to those who support us.



We exist to serve those who access behavioral healthcare and their families. We commit to walking alongside them and always fighting for the betterment of the behavioral health treatment system as a whole.



We respect and value diversity of ideas and people, creating an environment that is inclusive of all. 



We are a strong partner in addressing social determinants of health that negatively impact individuals in our community. Being a part of a united front results in a healthier population and strengthens its social safety net.



We are one company, one team.  We are committed to a teamwork environment where every person is a valued member.

Our Leadership

Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown

President & Chief Executive Officer

Suzanne Caputo

Suzanne Caputo

Director of Human Resources

Leah Evans

Leah Evans

Director of Administration

Lisa Noland

Lisa Noland

Director of Housing

Alex Pullen

Alex Pullen

Marketing & Community Liaison

Kelly Pullen

Kelly Pullen

Director of Environmental Services

Shiela Pullen, LPN

Shiela Pullen, LPN

Director of Admissions

Michele Sterling

Michele Sterling

Clinical Treatment Manager

Key medical staff

Dr. Robert A. Coker, D.O., DABAM

Dr. Robert A. Coker, D.O., DABAM

Medical Director

Dr. Efigenio Leynes Bautista, MD

Dr. Efigenio Leynes Bautista, MD


Kellie Noonan

Kellie Noonan

CRNP, Nurse Practitioner

Sher'ra Brown

Sher'ra Brown

RN, Director of Nursing

Board / Executive Committee

Michelle Grager, Chair

Anthony Sarbanes

Laura Rodriguez

Tyrone Mills

Toni Keiser

Board of directors

Michael Trader, LCSW-C

Nate Passwaters

Karen White

Ryan Bergey

Dr. Ryan Messatzzia

Tamara Mills

Pastor Bryan Lloyd

Cynthia MacDonald

Barbara Long

Board of directors

Health Officer Wicomico & Somerset Counties
Lori Brewster, M.S., A.P.R.N., L.C.A.D.C.

Health Officer Worcester County
Rebecca Jones, RN

Health Officer Dorchester County
Roger Harrell, M.H.A.

in their words

"My stay at Hudson was better than I expected it to be! During the COVID-19 pandemic I was nervous about my freedom being compromised. I was definitely wrong. I felt very comfortable and the staff treats you great and with respect. Just make sure that you treat them the same. Hudson gave me the tools to live a sober life and they can do the same for you. Just make sure you use them!"

“Hudson is a great place for recovery. They care and it shows. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs and wants to get off alcohol and drugs. Thank you all!”

"All the staff, counselors and techs were very helpful and respectful towards me. I am grateful for all the knowledge and motivation that Hudson provided for me. I am also grateful for peer support and the opportunity to go to the 3.1 housing to continue my recovery in a more structured environment. If you take this opportunity serious, Hudson can change your life for the better and I will forever be grateful.”

“Hudson gave me information about my addiction. I stored that in my mind and heart and will use it to stay clean.”
“Hudson saved my life. The program was helpful for me. The staff was awesome. Now I have another chance to live a clean and sober life.”
“From the techs to peer support to nursing, everyone was terrific. They were kind, funny, caring, and serious when necessary. I was given the tools necessary for my recovery.”
“Everyone I met and spoke with at Hudson showed a genuine concern for my recovery and welcomed me with open arms.”
“Hudson changed my life forever. I found a lot of comfort here and it felt so safe I was able to work through some of my darkest times. I know that I am never alone. Thank you for giving me my life back.”
“I am thankful for Hudson for giving me the chance to find myself and build a healthy life for myself. The staff at Hudson really cared and it shows.”
“Hudson allowed me to love myself again. They also helped me gain and want a better future. I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I’d do again. Thank you to Hudson and all the staff that helped me through this.”
“Hudson is a great place and I recommend it for anyone who is trying to stop using. Medical staff and Peer Support are all very helpful.”
“I enjoyed myself while I was at Hudson. Staff was very polite and helpful. I learned a lot from the groups and from my counselor.”
“Hudson is a great place with caring staff. Having been in four other treatment facilities, Hudson really changed my thought process. Small changes really can lead to big results. I am so thankful for this opportunity.”
“When I first came here I was suicidal and really hopeless. It took me a little while to warm up to them because I didn’t trust people due to past trauma. These people made me feel that I could open up and share my most deep and darkest secrets. And I did. They didn’t judge me or discourage me about anything. They helped me through it. They are special to me and will always have a place in my heart. I wish everyone who has problems with drugs and alcohol to come here and receive God's gift of life. They are here to help you receive that gift.”
“I am 25 and have been to about 20 inpatient facilities. Hudson is by far the most helpful and informative rehab I have been to. Everyone is so helpful, and for once I feel like I actually have a chance at staying clean. Thank you for helping me save my life.”

Continuum of Care Offerings

Our program is 40 years in the making, offering an achievable step-by-step process for recovery, from Withdrawal Management to Residential Treatment to Recovery Housing.