Finding Thanks

Nov 17, 2020Blog

Finding Thanks

Leslie Brown, CEO of Hudson Behavioral Health

As we near the close of 2020, we find ourselves still midstream in the challenges wrought by COVID-19. Much as with other industries, the pandemic has hit many of those who offer treatment and recovery services.  Many of us are struggling to remain open while faced with decreased bed capacity for social distancing, lack of space for social isolation and lack of resources and referrals as many of our partners are still working from home or closed.

The pandemic has hit those who need treatment and recovery services just as hard, if not harder. There is no doubt the overdose rate in our counties has risen over the last few months as financial and emotional pressures have mounted and there are fewer places to seek treatment.

Every day I see firsthand the importance of our strategy aimed at remaining open and available to people who are ready for recovery. I am extremely grateful that COVID-19 has not stopped us. It may have changed how we offer treatment, but it has not – and will not – sideline us from our mission.

Which brings me to the brighter side of this post. This is November, a time each year to truly reflect on what we are thankful for, which is what I want to do today. Here are some things I personally am thankful for this year:

  • The staff at Hudson – they are amazing. This dedicated team continues to provide program excellence and a strong safety net for those who need treatment. While juggling swabs, tests, masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer and the strain on their own families, they continue to save lives each day.
  • The commitment from our Health Departments and other community partners to help bring people to treatment and to work on prevention techniques to attack addiction before it starts. Their ongoing education efforts throughout the community are a vital and needed resource.
  • Our 40-year track record that has positioned us in ways that made it possible for us to shift and navigate this pandemic. Our battle-tested team has come through many previous challenges, giving us the experience, strength and community to not only stabilize but lead in this crisis.
  • Finally, I don’t want to forget the “little things.” Sunny days, quiet moments, laughter, and spontaneous instances of silliness, such as dressing up for Halloween. While we may not be able to hug physically, these times help us avoid the darkness by letting in the joy.

As always, I am grateful for my own family – the one at home, and the one at Hudson. I am grateful for you, too, and your commitment to our mission.

Wishing you all a Thanksgiving season of good health, quiet moments and ‘little things’ that give you joy.



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