Grad: Sad & Glad!

May 24, 2021Blog

From left: We celebrate the achievements of Katie Cleaver, Marissa Murray, Shawn’Tae Blake, Jessica Rickels, Alexis Bell, and Matt Ward (and Jessica Monteferrario, not pictured) and wish them every success as they launch their careers.

Grad: Sad & Glad!
Hudson Interns Graduate with Critical Learnings and Experiences

Each year Spring is a little bittersweet at Hudson as we celebrate the graduations of many of our interns from college and university. Of course, we are thrilled for them, but having stood shoulder to shoulder for a semester, a year, or sometimes even two, their success in finishing their internships means it’s time for them to enter the workforce as qualified social workers and counselors.

In our program, undergraduates who are working toward bachelor’s in social work or an associate degree in chemical dependency counseling serve 16 hours a week; master’s social work candidates serve 24 hours a week.

Interning at Hudson is meant to provide exposure to and participation in real-world experiences within both inpatient and residential housing programs. We treat each intern as an employee. Doing “rounds” through the program, they participate in initial assessments, develop and update treatment plans, participate in family sessions, observe individual and group counseling, and gain a better understanding of the discharge and termination process. Students at all levels of education are able to learn skills needed to work with clients in crisis and gain a better understanding of ways to deescalate these situations.  We provide them with daily assignments, and we watch them as they first work to find their footing – providing guidance and oversight, of course – until they are confident and ready to fly.

This year we have seven interns graduating, a wonderful class that has shown, in the worst of COVID-19, the grit and determination needed to continue on their paths to help others. It has been inspiring for us to witness. We wish the following interns all the success as they enter the workforce.

Graduating from Salisbury University with a Master’s in Social Work:

  • Alexis Bell
  • Jessica Rickels

Graduating from Salisbury University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work:

  • Marissa Murray
  • Matthew Ward

Graduating from Wor-Wic Community College with an Associate Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling:

  • Shawn’Tae Blake
  • Katie Cleaver
  • Jessica Monteferrario

If you know someone who would benefit from the Hudson Behavioral Health Internship Program, encourage them to reach out to their school to learn their requirements, then reach out to us by calling 410-291-9000 and asking for Internship Information.

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