Hudson’s Housing Offers Unique Opportunities to Help Assure Success

Nov 16, 2021Blog


When we speak about Hudson, most people immediately think of the challenges of detoxification and the very early steps of recovery. Yet recovery has so many different pieces that all work together – especially at Hudson. Our Step-Down Treatment Program readies patients to head back into the world with tools and confidence.

There are many amazing elements to the program, and they all add up to this: those who complete their Residential Campus stay for up to 30 days and join our low-intensity (also called 3.1) housing for six months have a significantly higher success rate of reaching their goals and being a productive member of their community. Nearly all of our 3.1 housing residents complete the program.

What does that mean? It means someone who completes our program will have a much, much lower incidence of recurrence. The strategic “tool kit” they develop, and lessons learned while in our 3.1 homes, shows patients it is possible to have a higher quality of life as they rejoin society.

The first thing that appeals to residents about our Treatment Housing is the comforting atmosphere that helps facilitate their recovery. Our homes have a safe and soothing environment where our residents can have peace of mind to focus on their recovery journey. As shown in the above photo, our houses are bright and welcoming to any individual that comes through the doors. 

The second thing that appeals to residents about our 3.1 houses is the wide range of programs offered. Our houses offer tools that are very unique compared to most 3.1 level programs:

  • Our Nurse Practitioner helps patients manage recovery as well as often neglected medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Our Mental Health Counselor offers individual and group therapies to treat often long-neglected depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD, which untreated can fuel addiction.
  • The program teaches Life Skills such as managing finances, cooking healthy meals, finding housing and much more.
  • Our Pet Therapy program treats depression and anxiety by offering safe and caring interactions with our therapy canine, Sam, who visits our homes.
  • In 2022, we will offer the region’s first GED (general educational development) Program for patients who were unable to graduate high school – a huge step to finding better quality work.
  • We will soon add Equine Therapy, a proven program for instilling confidence and decreasing anxiety.

With the opening of our Union House property last week we have five treatment homes in Maryland and two Sober Living homes in Delaware, and there are more to come.

This program works. If you know someone trying to reach sustaining recovery, please recommend Hudson. We take Maryland and Delaware Medicaid, as well as most private insurances. We also provide transportation.

We’ll answer the call 24/7 at 410-219-9000 or on Facebook Messenger.

We hope you are enjoying the crisp air and changing leaves this fall – it is a hopeful season that always make me smile.

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About us

Hudson Behavioral Health was formed in 1980 (as Hudson Health Services, Inc.) to bring the first residential recovery program to the Eastern Shore. Today, thousands of patients later, we remain the leader in recovery programs and resources, with our staff of 100 committed to serving each patient as an individual.