what to expect

Our trained counselors
are ready to help PREPARE YOU
FOR admission.

We look forward to welcoming you or your loved one into one of our individualized programs at Hudson Behavioral Health. We understand that taking the steps to regain your life can be very stressful, so our admission process is designed with that in mind.

We offer a variable-length-of-stay program that uses a multi-disciplinary, evidence informed approach to educate patients about the Disease of Addiction and the tools necessary to establish and maintain sobriety.

Planning for Admissions

Step 1:

Call Us 24/7 at 410-219-9000

The first step to gaining admission is to make first contact. You can contact us 24/7 at 410-219-9000 to start the process. If you feel more comfortable with an Admissions Representative reaching out to you instead, you can fill out the info box on our home page which you can find here. Once you submit your info in the boxes, an admissions representative will reach out to you to take your information and schedule and intake time.

We also offer the option to walk in during our Open Access Hours. Open Access is Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM. Our admissions team will take the same information as they would over a phone call, just in person. Walk-Ins are NOT guaranteed admission. Patients who walk in will ONLY gain admission pending a physical and mental evaluation, as well as having valid insurance, and there being availability.

Step 2:


Upon your arrival to admissions, you will be met by our welcoming staff to start your intake process. During this visit you are seen by our medical staff while the Assessment Counselor works with your managed care organization to get treatment authorized.

Step 3:


Upon admission to Hudson Behavioral Health, you’ll have a chance to get settled in your room and will then receive an orientation and be immediately immersed in our therapeutic community.

Medications: All medications must be in their original bottles with proper labeling. Incorrectly bottled, mislabeled medications or misplaced medications that we are unable to refill could result in delayed admission.

Additional information: Patients are not permitted to drive themselves to our campus. You must have someone drive you to our campus on the day of your admission and should plan on obtaining transportation on the day of discharge. If you leave prior to completing our program you will be responsible for obtaining transportation on the day of discharge. For more information about admission into one of our programs, please call 410-219-9000.


What can I expect in the first few days at Hudson? It is understandable that you might be anxious about admission and the first few days. Here is what you can expect on your day of admission and in the first 48 hours on campus:

Completion of registration paperwork

Assessment performed by certified counselor

Completion of admission paperwork

Submit to a urine drug screen

Medical assessment conducted by nursing staff and our Medical Director

Education provided on Vivitrol

Narcan training

Search of patient and patient’s belongings

Get settled and unpacked

Introduction to daily structured group programming

Labs will be ordered as needed

Meet with primary counselor to develop the initial treatment plan

Meet with aftercare coordinator to discuss discharge planning process

Withdrawal management protocols will be initiated as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our program? Our processes? COVID-19 steps? Read our FAQs for more information or call us at 410-219-9000.